Espar  has been manufacturing heaters since the early 50's.
They are designed for mobile applications where no traditional
heating system exists, as a second source or for special requirements. 


Espar central heating systems are a compact clean burning diesel-fired heater.  The heaters, while fueled by diesel, require a DC electrical supply.  The operation of the heaters are totally automatic. With the thermostatic controller the cabin temperature is automatically maintained

Espar manufactures two types of diesel-fired heaters.  Hot-air heaters from 7,200 - 28,000 BTU 
and Hydronic (hot-water) heaters from 13,700 - 130,000 btu's..

1) Hot air heaters are designed to heat the interior by heating air and transferring the heated air to  remote  locations via ducting. Hot air temperature control is very similar to a home thermostat.

2) Hot water (Hydronic) heaters heat  water and  pump the heated water to a remote location where a radiator or heat exchanger with a fan transfers the heat to the space to be heated. Hydronic heating systems are easily zoned to allow different temperatures in each zone.


Some type of heat is necessary on most live aboard or cruising boats.  Even as far south as Southern California. Where the passage of a cold front or in the evening it can get chilly enough  to make a  heater welcome.

Currently many boats are being equipped with heating systems and for a  good  reason.  The  fall and early spring seasons are excellent cruising times, even though outside temperatures chase most boaters off the water.

An Espar heating system can eliminate condensation, (with an outside cold air return), and keep your boat dry and by eliminating condensation you will reduce mold, mildew, odors and corrosion which  protects your investment.

There is no need to run a noisy generator to supply cabin heat.  Your Espar system operates from your boats DC electrical system and the engine's diesel supply.


Oldest & Largest Manufacturer Of This Class Of Heaters Worldwide
Superior German Quality & Engineering
Innovative Leaders In Research & Development
More Marine Trained Sales & Service Centers, To Serve You Better
More Sizes To Accurately Meet Your Heating Requirements

Configured Specifically For Marine Applications
Easier To Install
Low Amperage & Fuel Consumption
Efficient Operation From Diesel 2
Water Separation Fuel Filtration System availability
No Stack On Deck!
Extremely Quiet Operation
Sealed Heat Exchanger
More Safety Features Than Home Units
Low Service, Maintenance Costs & Requirements
1 Year or 1000 hours and Parts& Labor Warranty - (2 years or 2000 hours on Airtronic D2 & D4 - Hydronic 4 & 5) 

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